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Magnum Photography Awards 2107

A bit last minute, but I entered the Magnum Photography Awards 2017. I’ve literally just pulled some images out of the blog and entered them. There’s two categories, one being a series of up to ten images linked thematically or aesthetically, and the other is for single images. Although I have ongoing motifs, I’m more […]

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Edd Hawkes


Met these guys today on their one-wheeled BMX’s 😉 Edd Hawkes, filmmaker in their midst. https://vimeo.com/eddhawkes And see what they were doing on the unicycles… https://vimeo.com/150590857  

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philip skip

Skip Phil

On a glorious spring day in the parallel universe of quiet downtown (but very much up the hills) suburbs of West Norwood, Philip is on a skip. Today we’ve marvelled at the build quality of a hot riveted water butt, discussed the etymology of pebble dash and quoted our favourite John Shuttlesworth and Ivor Cutler poems–as […]

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Dean Johns and DJ

Jump Around

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xmas gifts


This Christmas I was given two lovely gifts with my own photos on them! It seems that selling mugs and calendars might be a better business or 2017 than the actual photography! 🙂

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