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Magnum Photography Awards 2107

A bit last minute, but I entered the Magnum Photography Awards 2017. I’ve literally just pulled some images out of the blog and entered them. There’s two categories, one being a series of up to ten images linked thematically or aesthetically, and the other is for single images. Although I have ongoing motifs, I’m more […]

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giraffe weatherman lager

Having a giraffe

“There’s a giraffe that’s been waiting to give birth for six months on the internet”, said a woman in the charity shop. I was clutching a giraffe funny noise maker, turning it over and over. “EEEEOOOOOOWWWWWOOOOO”, “EEEEWWOOAAAWWOOOAOOWWOOOO”. “Will you stop it, Nathan” “But, you bought it for me” “It doesn’t matter” Two days later, April […]

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Happy International Women's Day 2017

Happy International Women’s Day 2017

Happy International Women’s Day 2017. Shot on a recent shoot with the Pussy Liquor gang.  

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bottom bracket, golden pegasus, 20,000 miles by Nathan Jones Photography

Bottom Bracket

Fare the well, my bottom bracket. You’ve carried me over 24,000 miles according to my speedometer. Up and down the mountains, across a muddy gully. You never failed, you never grumbled. With a big spanner, an enormous lever made of a bike top tube, and stubborn groans, that old bracket came loose and finally departed […]

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Sitting room weather house Littlehampton lighthouse

Portrait of a room

Portrait of a room. See the set here.

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Tania B&W at Battersea Park waterfall

She’s a waterfall

Shoot in Battersea Park on the waterfall. Link for full set below. Mostly shot around the James Pulham (II and III) designed cascades. This meant a climb over the railings–no mean feat in a tailored dress. Also, there was a tramp up there, speaking in tongues and trying to charm the model with a 2 […]

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Pier to pier

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Spotted this in my mum’s garden on a mild October day.

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Somehow I have to describe today

Today, I cycled to the local bakery and bought a loaf of bread from a woman with Spock ears – because it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Then I had a ‘serious’ business meeting with a man with a Cockatoo, and other assorted birds on his shoulder. Went to an art show and […]

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A New Language

A New Language is the Chris Winters curated show at The Observer Building in Hastings. This image also features in the Shot in the back photo set.

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Howard & Co

Third Man Style

Due to strange ambient lighting, these pics came out in Third Man style. It’s this kind of randomness and surprise in the picture-making process of photography that makes it so much fun. These are some of my favourite personal photos for a while. Nice n’ loose style with friends after a lot of of highly […]

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erotic looking avocado seed


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Girl freewheeling on a chopper on the coastal path to Bexhill

Bike to Bexhill

She said, “You must do the ride to Bexhill; Giant Sea Cabbages, Colossal Daisies. Kingdom of Beach Huts and Overgrown Cliffs.” It was an intriguing introduction. The ride does not disappoint. It is perfectly magical. You come off the normal path onto dusty gravel, which then turns into a kind of chain mail behind kaleidoscopic […]

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cuckoo trail with Francesca and Cliff

Cuckoo Trail

24 miles on the Cuckoo Trail. “Aren’t you worried about going in the woods with someone you just met?” “Oh”, she says, “We’re meeting my friend, who is a champion shooter”. #plottwist

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Svelte silver haired chap with red and black outfit and umbrella


What I want to know is does he match his shirt and blazer to the umbrella, or does he have an umbrella for every shirt combo?

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Francesca fixing warped planks on Hastings pier


Meet Francesca. She makes piers. The screws in the deck that she is fixing have a square drive head. Francesca says they should be star drive so the deck looks like it is covered in stars.  

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