Magnum Photography Awards 2107

A bit last minute, but I entered the Magnum Photography Awards 2017. I’ve literally just pulled some images out of the blog and entered them. There’s two categories, one being a series of up to ten images linked thematically or aesthetically, and the other is for single images. Although I have ongoing motifs, I’m more focussed on individual photographs telling a story at the moment. Single image narrative.

I entered these in the Street category, which is going to be super tough. As usual, some of my images spill over the boundaries of the competition categories. One is shot in the sea and not actually even in a street. I live at the seaside, what the hell it’s pretty streety out there as you bump into people you know 100 metres from the shore.

What’s good about the Lensculture submissions is that, if you submit more than five images, you get a submission review. I entered a portrait competition recently and got a pretty good portfolio review. I was also recommended some photography books, although I’ve already read them 🙂

Magnum Photography Awards entry is here:


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