Nancy with a massive branch

Nancy, remix by Austin Von New

Nancy is a rescue dog from Battersea Dog’s Home. How, or why she ended up there, we will never know. All we know is that she is AMAZING. They said she was grumpy. She kind of can be a bit stroppy at times. Like when you tell her off for rolling in muddy puddles, or try and get her to cross at the lights when she is looking wanfully at the park behind her, or – by far her worst habit, rolling in fox poo.

If you are looking for a dog, do go to Battersea Dog’s Home before you try and buy a dog on Amazon or whatever.

Big Sticks

Nancy likes sticks. This seems very doggy of course, but actually, sticks per se, she sniffs at. What she exclusively plays with are branches. Often they are so heavy that when thrown, any contact would cause concussion. Some are so heavy they shake the ground when they land. She loves them. She proudly carries them down busy streets, incapacitating passers by when they strike shins.

This photo by me is hand coloured by Austin Von New ( and is Nancy’s current pet passport picture.

If YOU need a pet passport picture or a wall-sized blow up of your Chihuahua, contact me here: Contact

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Little white dog with twig
It’s a twig!
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