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Boatman's Crossing by Nathan Thomas Jones

Train in Vain

Say you stand by your man Tell me something I don’t understand You said you love me and that’s a fact Then you left me, said you felt trapped Well some things you can explain away But my heartache’s in me till this day [Chorus] Did you stand by me No, not at all Did […]

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Angel's Egg

Angel’s Egg

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Francesca Penny Farthing

A bottle and a penny

“Can you do any tricks?” I asked. “I’m learning the Superman, the Starfish and the Kangaroo”, she said. “What’s this one called?” “Sticking one’s legs out”. Today I learned to ride this beast in Bottle Alley. “It’s OK!”, she said, “There’s a hand’s span of headroom, we worked it out!”, waving a dainty little left […]

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