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Yaz, St Leonards Beach

The Wind and the Dove

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The Clown

Send in the clowns


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Behind the circus tent

La Soirée Assistant Stage Manager, Anya takes a breather behind the Speigel Tent at the NYE party. The party was a total banger, more on that (and a few photos) later… But for now, sleep.

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Svelte silver haired chap with red and black outfit and umbrella


What I want to know is does he match his shirt and blazer to the umbrella, or does he have an umbrella for every shirt combo?

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Elizabeth Walker and Alan Camberwell Arms London Summer 2016

Canary in Camberwell

Elizabeth and Alan. I love this shot! One of the most satisfying things in photography is when somethings just sings to you. This is one of those moments. London hit 33C today (it’s only 31C in the Amazon right now!). Everything is in slow motion. Everything is a bit crazy. I got some good shots […]

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