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Seagull and Hastings Pier by Nathan Thomas Jones

Low tide seagull

The sun and warmth are coming back. The quiet low tide. Fishermen pulling bait worms out of the sand. A lone seagull chills and looks out at the horizon. The vastness of it all. ‘Am I significant?’, it asks itself.

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Francesca in West St Leonards

Cinque Ports Way


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decisive moment

Decisive Moment

An homage to Henri Cartier Bresson. The beach was amazing today, so many good pictures.

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Clouds and seashore, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Dog walk at low tide

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The last puddle on the South Bank - puddle reflection

The last puddle on the South Bank

It’s officially summer in London. Amazing clouds and beaming sunlight. Londoners and tourists alike share the experience. The last puddle on the South Bank fizzles into oblivion… I rarely tire of London photos – even the clichéd ones, but it is satisfying to come up with something a little different.

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Tree, outside Pullens, Herne Hille



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Caroline drinks massive coffee

Massive coffee face


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