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Morris dancers on Hastings Pier


Morris Dancers at Hastings Pier today. Despite the picture, it was a sprinkle of rain for just a few minutes. Full set from the day, featuring Section 5 drummers in Chess Square: http://nathan.photography/portfolio/live/jack-green-2017/

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Time Bandits

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hastings pier in a onesie

Hastings Pier Onesie

You know when you get photographed in a Minnie Mouse onesie. On a pier. In the rain.

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Svelte silver haired chap with red and black outfit and umbrella


What I want to know is does he match his shirt and blazer to the umbrella, or does he have an umbrella for every shirt combo?

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Francesca fixing warped planks on Hastings pier


Meet Francesca. She makes piers. The screws in the deck that she is fixing have a square drive head. Francesca says they should be star drive so the deck looks like it is covered in stars.  

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Scarlett Belle in the rain at Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scarlett Belle at Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

We drove up Arthur’s Seat to do a quick photo shoot. The weather was… patchy. Had to post this outtake – raining and STILL SMILING! I owe you and umbrella 🙂

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Rainy day, Glasgow May 2016

Waiting for a bus, Glasgow

Woman waiting for a bus, Glasgow May 2016. To be fair, this is not typical. The weather has been stupendous, hot, sunny, really nice. This was a a heavy shower, but it didn’t last long. They say of Scottish weather, if you don’t like it, don’t worry, it’ll change in half an hour. It’s true.

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Tree, outside Pullens, Herne Hille



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