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Tania Milk by Nathan Jones


Found scans from a 35mm shoot, c.1992 more from the shoot here.

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Ursula by Nathan Jones Photography


Portfolio here.  

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Royal Sovereign

And then she said…

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decisive moment

Decisive Moment

An homage to Henri Cartier Bresson. The beach was amazing today, so many good pictures.

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Francesca fixing warped planks on Hastings pier


Meet Francesca. She makes piers. The screws in the deck that she is fixing have a square drive head. Francesca says they should be star drive so the deck looks like it is covered in stars.  

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Hastings Pier Bench by Nathan Thomas Jones


The newly rebuilt and reopened Hastings Pier. Some of the fixtures are reclaimed from the old pier and cleverly, and beautifully integrated into the new design. The new pier (more photos to follow) is expansive and at the moment, looks a bit empty compared to Palace Pier in Brighton or others based on the Victorian […]

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Milo gets Viewbug Summer Selection 2016 award

Viewbug Summer Selection Award

Some of you are aware I participate in Viewbug competitions and challenges. This week my portrait of Milo the Boxer dog was chosen for summer selection by staff. This is along with peer awards by other photographers. Thank you to those voting for the picture. Viewbug is a community that is great mix of pro and […]

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jam night at the dizzy 3

Jam night @ The Dizzy

Monday summer night in South London. 30 degrees at midnight. First heatwave and the heat is still dry. The place is heaving inside and out, people spilled out onto the pavement. In the corner, a whole load of guitars, mandolins, violins, musical saw, clarinet, bass and box drum. Shoes off, barefoot on the deck. Hollering […]

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Mostly the Masons


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South Bank Tower with sun glare and a cloud

South Bank Tower

Just to show you that, despite PostGrad level eduction in Photography, this still happens!

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Clapham Common Bandstand

Clapham Common bandstand, autumn at dusk.

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Puddles at Clown Museum

Clowning with the eggheads

Stan Bult, one of the founder members of Clowns International had a strange hobby. Every clown has a unique face and name. He painted these onto hen’s eggs in the 1950s and 60s. They became a record of each unique face and clown name. The eggs became the ‘official’ clown register. These days hen’s eggs have been […]

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Ziggy running in the wheat

Dogfish in the wheat

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MoMA New York, skyscraper through trees

Winter Garden at New York MoMA


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