hastings pier abstract 2

Fade Away and Radiate

Continuing my obsession with Hastings Pier.

Wrapped like candy in a blue blue neon glow

The calm after Storm Angus is startling. From dramatic clouds, roaring winds and the loud soundtrack of water smashing the pebbles, all has slowed into a much smoother looking state.

The sky has become cloudless and sharply cold. The sky is an ever shifting wall of colour gradients, especially as the sun begins to sink, the sky intensifies. Everyone is on the West side of the pier staring into the sun.

Fade away, and radiate

The silhouettes of chatting ladies in the café sipping tea. They look up for a moment, tea cup held midway to the mouth, and say. “That was fast”, as the sun slips below the horizon–too engrossed in Christmas shopping lists and gossip to observe the spectacle beside them. It is fast, yes. The tangential speed (in Hastings) is about 500 miles per hour or something, isn’t it?

The beams become my dream

As the sun drops further, all the colours fade into black. The sea and sky begin to merge at the horizon into a vast dark infinity. For a few moments, the orange glow filters into the safety barrier on the pier. Like an electric bar fire. Like a flaming harp. Until they flicker and die. Until tomorrow.

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