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Seagull and Hastings Pier by Nathan Thomas Jones

Low tide seagull

The sun and warmth are coming back. The quiet low tide. Fishermen pulling bait worms out of the sand. A lone seagull chills and looks out at the horizon. The vastness of it all. ‘Am I significant?’, it asks itself.

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Pier to Eternity Sea Monsters vs Hell Lizards

Pier to Eternity fancy dress bicycle party is back! First ride of the year is themed Sea Monsters vs Hell Lizards. After terrorising the pier, the group descended upon Hastings Old Town and ending up in Bottle Alley for ice cream courtesy of William the Conequeror. The new crowdfunded sound system is booming. You can […]

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Marine Court

Sea Fever

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking, And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn […]

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Angel's Egg

Angel’s Egg

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Hastings shelter

Cloud platform

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Tiddly Om Pom Pom by Pink Minx, Hastings Pier

Tiddly Om Pom Pom

Hastings Pier yarn bomb piece, Tiddly Om Pom Pom by Pink Minx. This weekend is the Hastings Pier Yarn bomb. Local people, community groups have been out in force adding their wool/found material based creations to the pier. It looks amazing. Thank you everyone. Hastings Pier http://hastingspier.org.uk Pink Minx http://www.thepinkminx.co.uk

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St Leonards Sunset

There’s a feeling I get

This is straight off the camera, no filter, no adjustment, nothing. Just… sunset.

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Francesca Penny Farthing

A bottle and a penny

“Can you do any tricks?” I asked. “I’m learning the Superman, the Starfish and the Kangaroo”, she said. “What’s this one called?” “Sticking one’s legs out”. Today I learned to ride this beast in Bottle Alley. “It’s OK!”, she said, “There’s a hand’s span of headroom, we worked it out!”, waving a dainty little left […]

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queen victoria



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hastings pier abstract 2

Fade Away and Radiate

Continuing my obsession with Hastings Pier. Wrapped like candy in a blue blue neon glow The calm after Storm Angus is startling. From dramatic clouds, roaring winds and the loud soundtrack of water smashing the pebbles, all has slowed into a much smoother looking state. The sky has become cloudless and sharply cold. The sky is […]

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Bottle Alley Scally


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hastings pier 10 november 2016



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Battle bonfire fireworks and rabbit ears

Battle Bonfire

Battle Bonfire: Anarchic and very LOUD. It is a suitably parky night and one of our group has brought aromatic mulled cider in a flask. A procession of pirates with flaming torches descend into the town square. There is the rumbling of marching drums and the stomach shaking thump thump of thunder flashes being set […]

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Sharks with laser beams

Chris Levine’s laser show on Hastings Pier is an immersive experience. This is notwithstanding the immersion in rain, which is torrential for part of the evening. There is a slightly annoying air of mystery about the event. It was actually quite difficult to find out much about it. It’s called the iy_project. This seems to […]

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Royal Sovereign Lighthouse Charity Swim

This is an unusual post as it is not a photo, but about someone I have photographed. HASTINGS AND ST LEONARDS FRIENDS! William the Cone-queror, the well-known ice cream man in his straw boater hat is going to HEROICALLY SWIM from the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse back to shore. This is a distance of TEN MILES, […]

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bucket head by Nathan Thomas Jones

Bucket head

“It’s my fault”, she said, “I put the bucket on my head first and now he won’t take it off”.

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