the stairs and mark mcnulty at Liverpool Psychfest

The Stairs at Liverpool Psychfest

The Stairs get totally papped at Liverpool Psychfest!

Last time I photographed The Stairs, there was one other local photographer and myself. We were happily dancing amongst the crowd getting our shots, standing aside for one another in a flirtatious creative dance. Tonight at Liverpool Psychfest was different. It was a macho, moody experience and passive aggressive Alpha type behaviour. Some very poor photographic etiquette taking place, as well as a sloppy approach to photography that sometimes gives photographers a bad name (standing right in front of the musicians and pointing flash in their face – whilst not even looking at the camera!). I’m more bemused by the behaviour than incensed by it. I had to pally with security to get into the absolutely rammed photo pen. I did get in (Jedi Mind trick) thankfully! That’s Mark McNulty in the paisley shirt, a really prolific music photographer, and lovely chap – especially Liverpool based artists. Always impressed by his work.

The Stairs played a STONKING set. The place was rammed. Lots of dancing and a really good atmosphere.

At the end, the security guard said he’d been stood there all day and that was by far the best band he’d seen. It’s old fashioned, but The Stairs knock out songs, whereas most of the other psych bands are playing 15 minute jams. Suits a certain type of person πŸ™‚

More photos coming soon!

Probably not the best business practice featuring another photographer who’s work field slightly overlaps with mine, but love Mark’s approach with people and the way he gets people comfortable. It really shows in his photos:

Mark McNulty

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