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Herne Hill

Summertime drinks in Herne Hill, with this double denim dapper.

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Bus Stop

South London fashunz, innit. Old Kent Road.

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Phil guitar, Peckham Rye

The Ballad of Peckham Rye

It’s a cold rainy night in Peckham Rye Lane. The Bussey Building bouncers are wearily attempting reasoned communication with munted people stood in the road. One boy is trying to put his phone in his eye. Two massive queues of ticket holders one side and walk ups the other. The walk ups queue is not moving. […]

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Elizabeth Walker and Alan Camberwell Arms London Summer 2016

Canary in Camberwell

Elizabeth and Alan. I love this shot! One of the most satisfying things in photography is when somethings just sings to you. This is one of those moments. London hit 33C today (it’s only 31C in the Amazon right now!). Everything is in slow motion. Everything is a bit crazy. I got some good shots […]

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man flying kite burgess park london summer 2016

White Kite

It’s 33C in London today. This guy has the right idea. Kite flying in the park with a 350 meter fishing line. He’s using the park information board for shade. Totally got this thing worked out. Top marks for doing summer properly.

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jam night at the dizzy 3

Jam night @ The Dizzy

Monday summer night in South London. 30 degrees at midnight. First heatwave and the heat is still dry. The place is heaving inside and out, people spilled out onto the pavement. In the corner, a whole load of guitars, mandolins, violins, musical saw, clarinet, bass and box drum. Shoes off, barefoot on the deck. Hollering […]

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tate modern member balcony

Tate Modern

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