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Needles, Isle of Wight


Part of the Needles collapsed in a storm last year, so they are not quite the familiar shape I’ve seen on a million postcards. The wind is battering. The view of the lighthouse is down a claustrophobic skinny wrought iron spiral staircase, down a narrow tunnel in the cliff, and out to what was a […]

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crazy garden, Isle of Wight

Crazy garden

At the end of the world, just before all the water falls off the edge, is a garden. In the garden are numerous and monstrous gnomes, and animals. All in all looking like a scene from very bad Studio Ghibli film.

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Mottistone panorama



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P&O cruise ship arrives in Portsmouth

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Watching them ships rolling in, and then rolling out again.

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Clouds and seashore, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Dog walk at low tide

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Ryde, Isle of Wight sunset

And the day goes down

Sunset off Ryde, facing Fawley Power Station, 12 kilometres away.

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