Black Cherry by Nathan Thomas Jones


Nathan apart from being a good and experimenting photographer dedicates himself in being a true gentleman. It was a brief shoot, I was a little stressed that day, because I almost went to Pollokshaws instead of Pollokshields, but he is so laid back, he calmed me down. I mentioned that I have idea with cherries, I explained it to Nathan a day or two before. It was a bit tricky to carry out, but we managed and got really good pictures. He is very good at thinking on the spot too, which saved my idea. I asked him to buy 300g of cherries as a prop, he bought 3kg, we used half of them, I ate a lot and even got a some for home, they were delicious by the way. The compensation was received as agreed, I got even more pictures than I asked for. Highly recommended. All the Best


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