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Woman reading on bench, Queen's Park, Glasgow

Over the hill


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beachy head

Beachy Head

Scenic vista of Beachy Head. Slow hand clap for whoever left Cooden Beach like this today. One presumes you brought all  this crap along in your motorcar and just left it by the sea? Total muppets. Please take your rubbish off the beach. Better still don’t make it or bring it on the first place! […]

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Girl freewheeling on a chopper on the coastal path to Bexhill

Bike to Bexhill

She said, “You must do the ride to Bexhill; Giant Sea Cabbages, Colossal Daisies. Kingdom of Beach Huts and Overgrown Cliffs.” It was an intriguing introduction. The ride does not disappoint. It is perfectly magical. You come off the normal path onto dusty gravel, which then turns into a kind of chain mail behind kaleidoscopic […]

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Staff at Frank's rooftop bar, Peckham

Bar staff @ Frank’s Café

Frank’s Café and Bar in Peckham. Escaping the heat of the street and up on the roof of a multi-storey car park. Bold Tendencies put on installation art in the dystopian car park spaces. This is ‘proper’ London. Lovely staff. Great food. Amazing views. Frank’s Café website

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tate modern member balcony

Tate Modern

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Keep Austin Weird

Austin Von New at Tate Modern. Sometime in the future.

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Wolstonbury Hill, Sussex

Wolstonbury Hill

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