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Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station


Natural draft wet cooling hyperboloid towers at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, near Long Eaton. Space Cadence A ‘moving stills’ film I made on a train ride form Liverpool to London a long time ago.

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i360, Brighton

Chrome Donut

The Chrome Donut is a big stick dominating the Brighton seafront by the crumbling wreck of West Pier. Its ‘real’ name is possibly the stupidest, most uninspired, obsolescent nonsense ever conceived for something that cost £46 million to build. The i360. It sounds like an accountancy firm that can’t quite add up. Even Apple appear to […]

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Grafton Place

High rise – done right. Something to be said for Glasgow and that is that there is generally a sensitivity and respect for the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian grandiose civic buildings and churches that dominate the city. Much of the more modern architecture is extremely complimentary to the older buildings and have a respect for […]

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Storm brewing over Canary Wharf

Storm London

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South Bank Tower with sun glare and a cloud

South Bank Tower

Just to show you that, despite PostGrad level eduction in Photography, this still happens!

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