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massaoke participant singing


Massaoke is a simple idea. You get a live band You take a big screen, put song lyrics on it. You invite several hundred people along on a Friday night to sing. That’s Massaoke, and it is pretty amazing. Massaoke at London Riviera photographs

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The last puddle on the South Bank - puddle reflection

The last puddle on the South Bank

It’s officially summer in London. Amazing clouds and beaming sunlight. Londoners and tourists alike share the experience. The last puddle on the South Bank fizzles into oblivion… I rarely tire of London photos – even the clichéd ones, but it is satisfying to come up with something a little different.

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South Bank Tower with sun glare and a cloud

South Bank Tower

Just to show you that, despite PostGrad level eduction in Photography, this still happens!

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