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Half Moon Tree by Nathan Thomas Jones

Half Moon Tree

Happy xmas from Nathan Photography

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Walk this Way by Nathan Thomas Jones

Walk this way

This image is now for sale as an exhibition quality archival print, in 3 sizes: Walk this way

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Tiff McGinnis Grand Dame Electric Crazyland

Electric Crazyland

Tiff McGinnis opens her Grande Dame show, Electric Crazyland at the St Leonards’s bar tonight. Check the links for her artwork, I’m not going to describe it, go see for yourself, it’s really great. She speaks in a low Georgia drawl, with a purr like an idling V8, and tells me an abbreviated version of […]

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Pussy Liquor Mousey Worth Corinne

Pussy Liquor launch night

Pussy Liquor announce launch night! 🐱🐱WHAT’S UP PUSSYCATS, roll down to Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on the 26th May to immerse yourselves in the chaotic world of PUSSY LIQUOR!!🐱🐱 🐱🐱PUSSY LIQUOR is a cabaret collective, created to celebrate all self-identifying queer women/non-binaries who love pussy/liquor/trashy disco vibes. 🐱🐱For our LAUNCH PARTY, we bring you […]

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corinne, mousey worth portrait


I cannot wait to show the rest of this set. Still editing down… watch this space!

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Angel Bat Shit by Nathan Jones Photography

Bat out of hell

Tonight, many people are protesting Trump’s executive order to band people from 7 countries entering the US. This is hot o the heels of Saturday’s Women’s March, where over 2 million people worldwide congregated and marched for Women’s Rights, and specifically, in protest to Trump’s immature misogyny. More people attended these marches than his inauguration, […]

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Howard & Co

Third Man Style

Due to strange ambient lighting, these pics came out in Third Man style. It’s this kind of randomness and surprise in the picture-making process of photography that makes it so much fun. These are some of my favourite personal photos for a while. Nice n’ loose style with friends after a lot of of highly […]

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bexhill on sea shelter

Gimme Shelter

Seafront shelter in Bexhill-on-Sea.  Not the controversial new one (more on that later), not the listed Victorian one. The other one.

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Five young women on a crocodile

In a while, crocodile

Five girls pose on a crocodile at London Riviera on the South Bank of the Thames, London. After the last Massaoke session for the summer.

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London Skyline from Frank's Café at sunset

London skyline


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Sunset from Brighton Marina

Crepuscular rays

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Street cleaning at night on The Strand



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