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Tate Modern Panorama



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Queenie Clarke at Vanguard Court Studios


Artist Queenie Clarke, winner of Vanguard Prize Studio Award 2015, working overtime on her upcoming show Flow, at Vanguard Court Studios 5–30 September 2016. Find out more here: http://www.queenieclarke.com

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massaoke participant singing


Massaoke is a simple idea. You get a live band You take a big screen, put song lyrics on it. You invite several hundred people along on a Friday night to sing. That’s Massaoke, and it is pretty amazing. Massaoke at London Riviera photographs

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canary wharf london at sunrise

Just before the sun rises


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Elizabeth Walker and Alan Camberwell Arms London Summer 2016

Canary in Camberwell

Elizabeth and Alan. I love this shot! One of the most satisfying things in photography is when somethings just sings to you. This is one of those moments. London hit 33C today (it’s only 31C in the Amazon right now!). Everything is in slow motion. Everything is a bit crazy. I got some good shots […]

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man flying kite burgess park london summer 2016

White Kite

It’s 33C in London today. This guy has the right idea. Kite flying in the park with a 350 meter fishing line. He’s using the park information board for shade. Totally got this thing worked out. Top marks for doing summer properly.

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London Skyline from Frank's Café at sunset

London skyline


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Sun bathing London style on the circular lawn near Tate Modern

Summer sunbathing, London style

Sunbathing, London style on the tiny patch of grass in Millbank by Tate Modern. 21C today, which in UK terms is scorching.

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Staff at Frank's rooftop bar, Peckham

Bar staff @ Frank’s Café

Frank’s Café and Bar in Peckham. Escaping the heat of the street and up on the roof of a multi-storey car park. Bold Tendencies put on installation art in the dystopian car park spaces. This is ‘proper’ London. Lovely staff. Great food. Amazing views. Frank’s Café website

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St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is not my favourite building in London by a long shot. Despite being a Londoner, I’ve never even been inside. Something caught my eye this day. The light maybe. Whenever I look at Sir Christopher Wren’s building, I’m always left in awe of the size of the original St Paul’s, burned down […]

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Tate Modern Millbank London from the new bit

Tate Modern from the new bit

New views of London. It’s the one thing welcome in the current belligerent construction regime of the city. From the new bit of Tate Modern. It’s an interesting building. Spacious and human, although I can’t say the restaurant looks much fun – a super posh Happy Eater without the chintzy carpet for distraction (sorry, but […]

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Storm brewing over Canary Wharf

Storm London

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St Paul's with amazing clouds and a taxi

‘Allo London

Those days when London peacocks it up and gives it’s best. The weather, the light, the clouds, the architecture… and the traffic of course.

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The last puddle on the South Bank - puddle reflection

The last puddle on the South Bank

It’s officially summer in London. Amazing clouds and beaming sunlight. Londoners and tourists alike share the experience. The last puddle on the South Bank fizzles into oblivion… I rarely tire of London photos – even the clichéd ones, but it is satisfying to come up with something a little different.

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South Bank Tower with sun glare and a cloud

South Bank Tower

Just to show you that, despite PostGrad level eduction in Photography, this still happens!

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Kevan House facing East


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