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Royal Sovereign Lighthouse Charity Swim

This is an unusual post as it is not a photo, but about someone I have photographed. HASTINGS AND ST LEONARDS FRIENDS! William the Cone-queror, the well-known ice cream man in his straw boater hat is going to HEROICALLY SWIM from the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse back to shore. This is a distance of TEN MILES, […]

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Needles, Isle of Wight


Part of the Needles collapsed in a storm last year, so they are not quite the familiar shape I’ve seen on a million postcards. The wind is battering. The view of the lighthouse is down a claustrophobic skinny wrought iron spiral staircase, down a narrow tunnel in the cliff, and out to what was a […]

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Eileen Musdile at sunset

Eilean Musdile

There’s a few lovely little nuggets related to this picture and area. The Lismore lighthouse itself was built by Robert Stevenson (Grandfather to Robert Louis Stevenson) in 1833. The lighthouse island is called Eilean Musdile. It’s actually two islands and there is a handsome bridge joining them. The bridge has probably only been used by […]

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