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Hastings Pier engineering

Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier Engineer team have been up at the crack of dawn over the summer, doing work that can only be done at times the pier is not in public use.

I joined them, after watching the sun rise over Hastings Castle, and a sky ribbed in pink and blue.

Hastings Pier has won several major awards this year, including Pier of the Year, and a RIBA Award too.

This is the newly cleaned deck building. The sides are clad from deck wood that made up the original pier before the fire. Scorch marks can clearly be seen.

The original deck was made up off exotic hard woods. None of which require chemical treatment to preserve them, and so not polluting the sea.

Here are a few more images from the morning.

Engineer Peter Wheeler pressure washing the West side
Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier pavilion East side, newly cleaned, just after dawn

Autumn 2017 Engineering and Environment update

Hastings Pier pressure wash

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Pier Pressure

Hastings Pier

This morning I got up at 4.30am to watch a man pressure wash a wall. Thankfully this was not any old wall, but one side of the extraordinary Hastings Pier pavilion building.

Hastings Pier burned down on 5 October 2010. A mammoth restoration effort by the Hastings community has brought it back to life, reopening in April 2016 and winning Pier of the Year Award 2017, and various RIBA and other architectural awards also, for it’s bold redesign and reimagination. It is a pier unlike any other.

The pavilion on Hastings Pier is bedecked in remnants of the old pier. There are five different kinds of hardwood, including Ekki, and the extraordinarily coloured Purple Heart (Peltogyne). Scorch marks from molten metal can clearly be seen in some pieces.

Each side takes approximately 6 hours of painstaking pressure washing. You can see the startling difference between the unwashed sections and the beautiful colours of the newly cleaned areas.

It is, perhaps tedious and painstaking work, but the results are stunning. I ask the engineers when the pavilion might have to be cleaned again. “Hopefully, never”, they reply.

Pressure washing Hastings Pier
Engineer, Peter Wheeler pressure washing the West side
Pressure washing Hastings Pier
High pressure washer hose snakes across the deck

Hastings Pier after pressure washing
Hastings Pier pavilion East side, newly cleaned, just after dawn
Hastings Pier pavilion balcony
Prismatic effect in the newly cleaned balcony
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Thunderbolts & Lightning

Hastings Pier Lightning

MASSIVE storm tonight. There is something rare, called a Mesoscale Convective System heading across the English Channel. Most of the lightning is out at sea and the strikes are fairly obscured by light fog. Some break through. Apparently there are 160 strikes per minute going on. The sky is flickering and there is definitely a lot!

I think some struck near Hastings Castle. The crack and rumble going on for a very long time.

The funny thing is, last week there were contractors on the pier measuring voltage on the deck. I asked them what they were checking. They were checking the conductivity for lightning.

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Angle of Entry

beach huts hastings pier

Hastings Pier beach huts. Newly painted from sombre black (which I liked, although I appear to be the only person to do so).

Angle of Entry is the name of a Mutton Birds album. I never looked up what they were referring too, but I’ve always assumed it was spaceships returning to Earth.

The Apollo 13 module had to have an angle of entry between 5.3 and 7.7 degrees. Any shallower and the spacecraft would bounce off the atmosphere like a skimming stone. Any more and they’d get crushed by the G Force. If they didn’t burn up first.

This is why I’m no good at the sports round in a pub quiz.

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Tiddly Om Pom Pom

Tiddly Om Pom Pom by Pink Minx, Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier yarn bomb piece, Tiddly Om Pom Pom by Pink Minx.

This weekend is the Hastings Pier Yarn bomb. Local people, community groups have been out in force adding their wool/found material based creations to the pier. It looks amazing. Thank you everyone.

Hastings Pier

Pink Minx