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Katharine Arnold, La Soirée NYE, Leicester Square 2016

Nice to see my photograph of Katharine Arnold on the La Soirée page today 🙂

Taken at the stupendous New Year’s Eve party in the Speigel Tent in Leicester Square. This is the most unusual pose I shot that night, but in some ways the most evocative of Katharine’s amazing aerial ability, agility and strength. Look at that face, effortless! I think this move is known to aerialists as a meat hook, combined with the splits. Amazing.

The gorgeous Katharine Arnold up in the air at LA SOIRÉE – on now at Perth Fringe World Festival. Photo by Nathan Thomas Jones.

Posted by La Soirée on Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Outtakes with La Soirée, Leicester Square Speigel Tent

La Soirée at the Edith Speigel Tent, Perth

If you’re in Perth, go see La Soirée (until 26 Feb)

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She’s a waterfall

Tania B&W at Battersea Park waterfall

Shoot in Battersea Park on the waterfall. Link for full set below. Mostly shot around the James Pulham (II and III) designed cascades. This meant a climb over the railings–no mean feat in a tailored dress. Also, there was a tramp up there, speaking in tongues and trying to charm the model with a 2 litre bottle of Diamond White cider.

Shot on 35mm film. The dress is the model’s own, which she designed and made.

She’s a waterfall

Due another shoot in that park, I think.

1865-70 : Battersea Park, London


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Tom, Tom, the barber’s son

Tom Chant on Webbs Road c1990

Battersea c1990

Tom Chant, around the time he started music school, from memory. Already brilliant on piano and just beginning to get into saxophone. Later to feature in Half Baked Quartet, Eddie Prevost Trio, Cinematic Orchestra, and my personal favourite, the Marseille Figs.

Bonnie the dog with a defunct gas meter, in the street
Bonnie, with defunct gas meter. Elspeth Road c1990

We were really into this record around that time.