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White Rose

White Rose by Nathan Thomas Jones

The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rosebud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips.

– John Boyle O’Reilly

More from this shoot here.

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Full Fila in FX @ Brighton Station

Megan stepped onto the train with her kids and family, totally rocking the Fila look. I’ve seen people try and fail at the 80s/90s throwback, but this is a pure 1987 look without even trying. It also looks so completely modern, but then, in 1987, these clothes looked like they were from the future…

You can’t see the Bank Holiday train chaos for some reason, but behind me is insanity with buckets and spades.

Thanks for the picture!


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She’s a waterfall

Tania B&W at Battersea Park waterfall

Shoot in Battersea Park on the waterfall. Link for full set below. Mostly shot around the James Pulham (II and III) designed cascades. This meant a climb over the railings–no mean feat in a tailored dress. Also, there was a tramp up there, speaking in tongues and trying to charm the model with a 2 litre bottle of Diamond White cider.

Shot on 35mm film. The dress is the model’s own, which she designed and made.

She’s a waterfall

Due another shoot in that park, I think.

1865-70 : Battersea Park, London


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Canary in Camberwell

Elizabeth Walker and Alan Camberwell Arms London Summer 2016

Elizabeth and Alan.

I love this shot! One of the most satisfying things in photography is when somethings just sings to you. This is one of those moments.

London hit 33C today (it’s only 31C in the Amazon right now!). Everything is in slow motion. Everything is a bit crazy. I got some good shots today and was not even thinking about taking any more.

That changed as I cycled down a drab section of Camberwell Church Street. This beacon, this canary amongst the monochrome and muted shades. I slammed my brakes on and wheeled back.

I am thankful they were so obliging as I interrupted their chat. This is shot from the bus lane, one eye on the viewfinder and the other towards the sometimes maniac 436 drivers coming through*.

Elizabeth got a bit bashful after being name dropped for her work and went inside, but Alan and I had a lovely little conversation about giving children in India cameras so they can document and snapshot their own lives. I’m really into this. Give kids cameras at a wedding and they’ll take better pictures than the grown ups.

Thanks for the photo, you two.

* I’ve nearly been made strawberry jam by bus drivers on more than one occasion right here. I feel perfectly justified in my description of (some) of them! Some are definitely ace and very bike aware – I applaud you.

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Wimbledon inspired retro photo shoot

Abby Russell Wimbledon gingham dress and strawberry bag

Wimbledon inspired fashion shoot

Wimbledon inspired photography shoot for fashion blog by Abby Russell.

Abby is a model, blogger and presenter with her own Youtube channel. The session was a combination of studio and outdoors. This being due to the inclement British weather! We shot 12 outfits on the day. More to follow, but for now, check out Abby’s post to see more from the shoot:

The perfect Wimbledon outfit

Do you want to do a photo shoot with me?

Get in touch for your own fashion, pin up or portrait shoot – location and studio.

Contact Nathan


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Scouse curls on the Glasgow Central to Liverpool Lime Street

Scouse curls girls from Hull

Scouse curls!

Scouse curls is women’s hairstyle from Liverpool where one actually leaves the curlers in for a night out!

I chose to take a train from Glasgow Central to Liverpool Lime Street on the Trans-Pennine train. I thought I’d have loads of pictures of scenic countryside, but actually, it’s pretty dull looking countryside most of the way. At Central, there were four girls together, two in MA1 bomber jackets, and the other two in hair curlers. They had to be Scouse, or visiting Liverpool. They looked really great together and I really wanted a photo of all four of them on the bench, along with all their leopard print luggage.

I asked them for a photo, but one said no before I’d even finished asking and turned her back to me. The other three were still smiling, but seemed disappointed not to have their picture taken. I think the first one must’ve thought I was begging or something.

As it turned out, we all ended up on the same train. Changing at Wigan North, we all ended up on the same train AGAIN.

By pure chance, returning from the toilet, the friend got up to go to the loo after me. When I approached their table, they said to hurry and get my camera and get my picture. I dashed back with my camera and took a few photos of these two. The rest of the passengers were quite bemused.

As I left, thanking them profusely – and a carriage wide conversation now taking place, one man opposite said, “Oi, what about my photo?” I could see the ‘no’ friend heading back up the carriage by now. I looked at my camera and shrugged my shoulders. “Sorry, just run out of film”.

They were actually from Hull. I never got the story of why they were in Glasgow. However, they ended up behind be in the taxi queue at Lime Street and I got a bit more of their story. They were visiting Liverpool for a long weekend of partying and fashion shopping.

I never got your names, but thank you.