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Francesca penny farthing

Like a Hurricane

You are like a hurricane, there’s calm in your eyes and I am getting blown away to somewhere safer where the feeling stays. –Neil Young

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Francesca Penny Farthing

A bottle and a penny

“Can you do any tricks?” I asked. “I’m learning the Superman, the Starfish and the Kangaroo”, she said. “What’s this one called?” “Sticking one’s legs out”. Today I learned to ride this beast in Bottle Alley. “It’s OK!”, she said, “There’s a hand’s span of headroom, we worked it out!”, waving a dainty little left […]

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cuckoo trail with Francesca and Cliff

Cuckoo Trail

24 miles on the Cuckoo Trail. “Aren’t you worried about going in the woods with someone you just met?” “Oh”, she says, “We’re meeting my friend, who is a champion shooter”. #plottwist

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