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Stop Amber

Stop Amber

Subtle political play at the Hastings seafront on the traffic lights. Amber Rudd is the local MP, current Home Secretary, and former Energy Secretary.

Strange times in British politics, with the local elections yesterday and a snap General Election just a few weeks away, and only two years after the last one–with a country dividing and demoralising referendum in between.

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Banana boat


As they say in Glasgow: Taps aff!

All the way down the other end of the country, in East Sussex today (alright, across the border and into the South of England), it hits 20C today. It’s sunny, the sea is the most amazing blue and it’s Sunday, so everyone is out making the most of it.

Check out the kids relaxing outside Calypso Kayaks!


Glen Brazil, St Leonards

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Third Man Style

Howard & Co

Due to strange ambient lighting, these pics came out in Third Man style.

It’s this kind of randomness and surprise in the picture-making process of photography that makes it so much fun. These are some of my favourite personal photos for a while. Nice n’ loose style with friends after a lot of of highly structured Art & Fashion commission shots lately.

IMG_5043 Third Man style

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Canary in Camberwell

Elizabeth Walker and Alan Camberwell Arms London Summer 2016

Elizabeth and Alan.

I love this shot! One of the most satisfying things in photography is when somethings just sings to you. This is one of those moments.

London hit 33C today (it’s only 31C in the Amazon right now!). Everything is in slow motion. Everything is a bit crazy. I got some good shots today and was not even thinking about taking any more.

That changed as I cycled down a drab section of Camberwell Church Street. This beacon, this canary amongst the monochrome and muted shades. I slammed my brakes on and wheeled back.

I am thankful they were so obliging as I interrupted their chat. This is shot from the bus lane, one eye on the viewfinder and the other towards the sometimes maniac 436 drivers coming through*.

Elizabeth got a bit bashful after being name dropped for her work and went inside, but Alan and I had a lovely little conversation about giving children in India cameras so they can document and snapshot their own lives. I’m really into this. Give kids cameras at a wedding and they’ll take better pictures than the grown ups.

Thanks for the photo, you two.

* I’ve nearly been made strawberry jam by bus drivers on more than one occasion right here. I feel perfectly justified in my description of (some) of them! Some are definitely ace and very bike aware – I applaud you.