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High Tide Low Tide Bike Race

High Tide Low Tide Bike Race

The High Tide Low Tide Bike Race has just a few rules. They seem to be (it’s all a bit vague), no SPD’s (clip on pedals), and no biting. It’s £5 in, winner takes all.

Beyond this, it’s first past the post in a (vague) number of laps around a (vague) course, brightly lit with LED covered sticks. It’s very pretty. It’s very dark. The tide is out and the sand is hard. There are hidden water channels, rocks and troughs.

Only one rider appears to have a headlight. It’s pitch black. Off they go on their infernal machines.

I’m doing it next time. For wins.

The Low Tide Bike Race is approximately monthly (again, vague!) and is organised by High Tide Cycles, the great bike shop in Marine Court, St Leonards-on-Sea.


The bike race meets at Bike Lab:

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Somehow I have to describe today


Today, I cycled to the local bakery and bought a loaf of bread from a woman with Spock ears – because it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.


Then I had a ‘serious’ business meeting with a man with a Cockatoo, and other assorted birds on his shoulder.


Went to an art show and got into a Mexican stand off.


Then I met some robots on bikes.


Then I met BMX legend Darryl Nau looking at lasers on Hastings Pier. That’s him on my bike!


And then rogue droids at eleven o’ clock!

Rogue droids at eleven o clock

It’s been a great day.


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Darryl Nau


Look who I just met: Darryl Nau – sat on my bike 🙂

I didn’t know who he was, I’ll admit. This guy was just leaning on the closed gates on Hastings Pier. He said he was compering the BMX comp at Source Park. Totally humble about it. This being despite the fact that Battle of Hastings at Source Park tis weekend is going to one of the biggest BMX freestyle events the UK has ever seen.

There’s a big laser show on Hastings pier tomorrow night for the 1066 celebrations. They’re warming up the lasers and working through the lighting set up. I’m shooting long exposures through the fence.

He is impressed by Source Park. I feel a bit proud of this. Darryl is a top US BMXer and East Sussex is holding up its own. If you’ve seen Source Park, you’d see what he means. it is an AMAZING BMX/Skate park.

Darryl is jet lagged. He’s flown in from Colorado. He reels off some places he’s been in the past few days compering BMX events. He is staring at the lasers and he’s seen tonight’s Robot Bike rally too. I know this night will be a weird dream/memory for him in a few days. Straggling robot bikes turn up and he departs, in need of sleep.

The photo came out a little weird looking. I like it. Darryl is definitely holding it together in sleep deprivation. I’m tired out myself and this photo sort of shows it.

Darryl is pretty good on ramps, but I really love this video of him mainly tricking on the streets.

Also, here’s the link for the BMX weekender event – Battle of Hastings at Source Park:

And in his own words about Source Park:

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Golden Pegasus

Golden Pegasus

This is my bike, Golden Pegasus. I know, grand name. It was chosen by someone else and it stuck. I love this bike. Despite the now slippy gears and fading brakes that the bike shop said was an ‘uneconomical’ repair. We’ve been on journeys of less than a mile, to over 60 miles in one. In total we’ve done nearly 16,000 miles together. We’ve pedalled at an exhilarating 50+ miles per hour. I thought it worthy of a portrait.

This is shot on the dock of the bay, near Shoreham by Sea. There is a road with traffic lights which, whilst exploring we turned into. The road literally ends with a long drop into the River Adur (or black mud at low tide). Thankfully my brakes were not too faded and saved me from certain doom. Minutes after I nearly went off, a lost car almost did the same, but thankfully were stopped by a dock bollard.

Dangerous thing riding in the docks.

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Battersea Rise BMX

One of them had a flat tyre and the bike shop wouldn't help them fix it. They were from way out of town. I bought a new inner tube. Happy days.

Found this lot outside Saville’s bike shop on Battersea Rise. One of them had a puncture. I’d been going to that shop for years and they were a bunch of grumpy buggers running it. They wouldn’t serve any of this lot, so I bought a new inner tube and they fixed it outside on the street. They’d all cycled down from Hounslow.