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Sita is the newest addition to the Muppet Show. She is overexcitable, and outdoors, cannot stop moving. She loves playing fetch with ball. She’s got a green one here, but an orange one is her favourite. She’ll bundle after a thrown tennis ball in a ball of excitement, legs going everywhere with very little obvious coordination. Her method of stopping is to stick her legs out and slide on her bum. When she returns, she comes around the right side, and then sits at your left side. She gets so out of breath and pants with the sound of a steam train.

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Dave, like most cats is quantum. He effortlessly ‘appears’ out of nowhere. He’s secretly my favourite.

I once did something not very nice to Dave. He was sat on the lid of a pedal bin. I stomped on the pedal. Suffice to say, he scowled at me for several days.

We are very much friends again now. It shows his strength of character to forgive me for that.

The other cat, Kiki makes a big play with mice. She toys with them relentlessly before finally devouring them, leaving body parts for us bipeds to see the endeavours of her mousing. There was comment a while ago that Dave was not mousing as much. I think he heard this, because one morning a few days later, about dawn, I was sat on the back step. Dave appeared out of whatever quantum plane he’d been in previously, into the present one, and pounced on a mouse. Efficiently, he simply gulped it in two swallows, sucking in the tail like a string of spaghetti, and skulked off. He’s an effortless mouser, he just doesn’t like to make a big fuss of it.

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Somehow I have to describe today


Today, I cycled to the local bakery and bought a loaf of bread from a woman with Spock ears – because it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.


Then I had a ‘serious’ business meeting with a man with a Cockatoo, and other assorted birds on his shoulder.


Went to an art show and got into a Mexican stand off.


Then I met some robots on bikes.


Then I met BMX legend Darryl Nau looking at lasers on Hastings Pier. That’s him on my bike!


And then rogue droids at eleven o’ clock!

Rogue droids at eleven o clock

It’s been a great day.


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Viewbug Summer Selection Award

Milo gets Viewbug Summer Selection 2016 award

Some of you are aware I participate in Viewbug competitions and challenges. This week my portrait of Milo the Boxer dog was chosen for summer selection by staff. This is along with peer awards by other photographers. Thank you to those voting for the picture.

Viewbug is a community that is great mix of pro and amateur photographers. Some of the amateur and hobbyists are producing astounding work.

Photography is a bit competitive. However the real challenge is always about keeping your own eyes on your own story. Being part of a photographic community keeps you ‘thinking’ in photographic terms.

This picture was taken in 2000 on my first visit to New Zealand. Milo was (RIP) an inquisitive, slightly mischievous dog with a propensity for wind. He sat in the back seat of a VW Kombi and farted all the way from Titirangi to Marakopa. There was lots of window winding up and down.

Milo on Viewbug