Drumheller Water Tower

Drumheller Water Tower

Drumheller dates back to 70 million years ago when it was inhabited by a lot of dinosaurs – especially the Albertosauraus, who liked it because the state is called Alberta. The water tower came later, because Albertosaurus, like their more well-known cousin, only have little front arms and no prehensile thumbs with which to hold tools.

Now it is populated by palaeontologists, pick up trucks and bikers.

There’s the Royal Tyrell Museum, which is just spectacular (www.tyrrellmuseum.com). The website does not do it justice, this is a place of wonder, with full size Tricerotops and a journey through the Triassic to Mesozoic periods. This is done on a winding journey through the museum.

More on Drumheller and the nearby town of Wayne, with its 11 bridges to get there and population of not much more than one person per bridge – coming soon…

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