Tiff McGinnis Grand Dame Electric Crazyland

Electric Crazyland

Tiff McGinnis opens her Grande Dame show, Electric Crazyland at the St Leonards’s bar tonight. Check the links for her artwork, I’m not going to describe it, go see for yourself, it’s really great.

She speaks in a low Georgia drawl, with a purr like an idling V8, and tells me an abbreviated version of how she arrived in the UK, via New York, San Francisco and doing a gig with Jane Birkin in Europe.

Never, ever leave the house without your camera. How many times have I told myself this? Anyway, got this, shot on iPhone.

I love these iMessage stickers from the show:


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2 thoughts on “Electric Crazyland

  1. Hey Nathan! Nice to meet you! Great shot! Always good to meet photographers! Hint hint! Ok man – see ya around! 😉

    1. Nice one, see you soon!

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