As the morning gathers a rainbow

It was drizzly in that persistent and annoying seaside drizzly way. The drops a bit too big and somehow getting into the neck of my coat.

I stood on the platform waiting for her train to arrive, fists jammed into pockets for warmth, collar up and hat brim down.

“You look smart”, she said, alighting the 15.09.

I felt bedraggled, but there, with that cheery face stepping off the rail bridge, the sky broke. The last of the grape-sized rain droplets abated, and instead appeared an intense rainbow, beaming, arcing, pulsing, searing across the sky. Then it did it again in tandem. A double rainbow spooning the moody clouds.

I caught the last of her rainbow in my hand and turned away and strolled towards the pier.

Photograph by Tara Gould.

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