bottom bracket, golden pegasus, 20,000 miles by Nathan Jones Photography

Bottom Bracket

Fare the well, my bottom bracket. You’ve carried me over 24,000 miles according to my speedometer. Up and down the mountains, across a muddy gully. You never failed, you never grumbled.

With a big spanner, an enormous lever made of a bike top tube, and stubborn groans, that old bracket came loose and finally departed the Golden Pegasus.

Actually, the old piece was still more than functional, it was a actually another piece of the bike that made this bracket redundant.

I photographed it because this humble bit of mechanics is a marvel of engineering. 24,000 miles is almost the circumference of Planet Earth. The bike was second hand when I got it, so may have done more. This sturdy bit of metal never failed once, and carried me on many adventures.

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