Angel Bat Shit by Nathan Jones Photography

Bat out of hell

Tonight, many people are protesting Trump’s executive order to band people from 7 countries entering the US. This is hot o the heels of Saturday’s Women’s March, where over 2 million people worldwide congregated and marched for Women’s Rights, and specifically, in protest to Trump’s immature misogyny. More people attended these marches than his inauguration, something that seems to upset him, judging that he keeps requesting non-existent photos to show the crowd being larger than Obama’s.

It is pity we have to protest all this stuff again. In fact, there was a Women’s March sign saying, “I can’t believe we’re still protesting this shit”, and another that said, “Same shit, different century”.

Recent marches I’ve seen have featured uniform signs, everyone carrying the same placard. Recently, the return of a kind of individualism has led to unique, and hand made signs again. These show how engaged, and enraged people are. It is a heartening two fingers to idiot politics.

I loved this woman wearing a Bat Shit T-Shirt, making her whole body a protest.




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