Darryl Nau

Look who I just met: Darryl Nau – sat on my bike 🙂

I didn’t know who he was, I’ll admit. This guy was just leaning on the closed gates on Hastings Pier. He said he was compering the BMX comp at Source Park. Totally humble about it. This being despite the fact that Battle of Hastings at Source Park tis weekend is going to one of the biggest BMX freestyle events the UK has ever seen.

There’s a big laser show on Hastings pier tomorrow night for the 1066 celebrations. They’re warming up the lasers and working through the lighting set up. I’m shooting long exposures through the fence.

He is impressed by Source Park. I feel a bit proud of this. Darryl is a top US BMXer and East Sussex is holding up its own. If you’ve seen Source Park, you’d see what he means. it is an AMAZING BMX/Skate park.

Darryl is jet lagged. He’s flown in from Colorado. He reels off some places he’s been in the past few days compering BMX events. He is staring at the lasers and he’s seen tonight’s Robot Bike rally too. I know this night will be a weird dream/memory for him in a few days. Straggling robot bikes turn up and he departs, in need of sleep.

The photo came out a little weird looking. I like it. Darryl is definitely holding it together in sleep deprivation. I’m tired out myself and this photo sort of shows it.

Darryl is pretty good on ramps, but I really love this video of him mainly tricking on the streets.

Also, here’s the link for the BMX weekender event – Battle of Hastings at Source Park:


And in his own words about Source Park:


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