Mutant fancy dress in pram race, Hastings

Pram Race

Hastings pram race. This is the neighbours. They were off to the pram race in a taxi. Oh, I’m going too! I said, hint, hint share the taxi. Hint not taken and off they went.

I cycled the beautiful ride along the seafront. The wind at my back and pelting at over 30 miles per hour barely pedalling. Cycling bliss. I was outside The Albion with a drink in one hand, camera in the other before they finally pulled up late for the race.

Hastings Old Town Pram race

I met a team of gas engineers with a flaming Evil Kneivel pram. They said they’d spent £700 on their pram, which featured a motorbike on a ramp (with beer compartments) and flaming hoop.

Pram race rules

Every year, the people of (mainly) Hastings race prams around the old town. They stop at various inns a long the route to answer questions, such as: What is the name of the pub dog? Or: How many red light bulbs in the pub?

To my eye, the ‘race’ was anything but. Each team and their ornate ‘prams’ seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time at each pub. By 9pm, the race was completely anarchic, drunken and very, very funny. I think everyone was declared a winner.

Hastings Old Town Carnival Week

The pram race is part of a week of an enormous amount of activities for charity. I haven’t decided yet, but today is the Whelk Eating Contest, and also Cat Morris Dancing!(?)

Hastings Festivals

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