Ged Lynn, The Stairs @ Concorde 2

The Stairs @ Concorde 2, Brighton 4 June 2016

Concorde 2 is a beautiful venue, right by the sea. As ever, the crowd was very welcoming of the headliner act. Lots of smiles and singing along by some who saw the band last time around – twenty years ago. There are a younger crowd here too, showing the cult of The Stairs in full effect.

During the set there was a huge bang. Everyone looked for smoke coming out of an amp. None appeared and I put the bang down to sonic boom when the band hit the speed of sound. I’d seen and heard them rehearse just a few days before, but having just played Glasgow and Manchester in the preceding nights, they were beefier sounding than ever.

Met some old friends at the venue too, making for an extremely special evening.

The Stairs live photos

See the pics, click here.

Only thing about the evening that wasn’t great was that we were unceremoniously turfed out of Concorde 2 at 10pm. The fascist and pointless curfew system doing its worst. Concorde 2 has a late party after the curfew, so the sheep herding tactics are utterly meaningless.

What happened to Cool Britannia? This country feels so backwards at the moment, but I digress…

The Stairs play one more night on this tour, tonight at Hare & Hounds in Birmingham. If you are within a 100 miles, just go!

Just confirmed: The Stairs also play Liverpool Psych Fest 23–24 September 2016

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