Golden Pegasus

Golden Pegasus

This is my bike, Golden Pegasus. I know, grand name. It was chosen by someone else and it stuck. I love this bike. Despite the now slippy gears and fading brakes that the bike shop said was an ‘uneconomical’ repair. We’ve been on journeys of less than a mile, to over 60 miles in one. In total we’ve done nearly 16,000 miles together. We’ve pedalled at an exhilarating 50+ miles per hour. I thought it worthy of a portrait.

This is shot on the dock of the bay, near Shoreham by Sea. There is a road with traffic lights which, whilst exploring we turned into. The road literally ends with a long drop into the River Adur (or black mud at low tide). Thankfully my brakes were not too faded and saved me from certain doom. Minutes after I nearly went off, a lost car almost did the same, but thankfully were stopped by a dock bollard.

Dangerous thing riding in the docks.

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