Fade into you

I want to hold the hand inside you I want to take a breath that’s true I look to you and I see nothing I look to you to see the truth You live your life You go in shadows You’ll come apart and you’ll go blind Some kind of …

foggy battenburg

Foggy Battenburg

Today is foggy. It’s freezing cold sea fog that wraps around you like a damp scarf. It is sinister and straight out of Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. The camera looks like it is sweating, the water beading on it in moments. The shutter misfires. I cycle down to …

St Leonards after Storm Angus

Storm Angus

Storm Angus batters the South Coast Last night I stood on the seafront leaning hard into the wind. It was foolhardy, an amber weather warning was in force. The sea was pitch black and I was leaning, almost falling into a windy abyss. The wind roared about my head in …

St Leonards Sky

Gathering Storm

Been playing this on the guitar lately. It’s been a mild autumn, but there’s a storm coming in and the sky betrays it. Here’s my favourite version of the song:

hastings pier in a onesie

Hastings Pier Onesie

You know when you get photographed in a Minnie Mouse onesie. On a pier. In the rain.

Svelte silver haired chap with red and black outfit and umbrella


What I want to know is does he match his shirt and blazer to the umbrella, or does he have an umbrella for every shirt combo?

Francesca fixing warped planks on Hastings pier


Meet Francesca. She makes piers. The screws in the deck that she is fixing have a square drive head. Francesca says they should be star drive so the deck looks like it is covered in stars.  

Rainy day, Glasgow May 2016

Waiting for a bus, Glasgow

Woman waiting for a bus, Glasgow May 2016. To be fair, this is not typical. The weather has been stupendous, hot, sunny, really nice. This was a a heavy shower, but it didn’t last long. They say of Scottish weather, if you don’t like it, don’t worry, it’ll change in …

St Paul's with amazing clouds and a taxi

‘Allo London

Those days when London peacocks it up and gives it’s best. The weather, the light, the clouds, the architecture… and the traffic of course.