de la war pavilion dive


Shot at dawn at the magnificent De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK More from this shoot here. Buy Prints For all usage and to buy prints, please contact me here.  

decisive moment

Decisive Moment

An homage to Henri Cartier Bresson. The beach was amazing today, so many good pictures.

St Leonards Marine Parade

Come sail your ships around me

To be fair, this is a picture of St Leonard’s Beach, bereft of people due to the incumbent storm. Marine Court is so dominant, once the tallest residential building in all of Great Britain. I shall come back to the Sid Little designed seafront another time. Marine Court is a …

John Phillips, Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel

John Philipps is the proprietor of an extraordinary book store on London Road, St Leonards. He hands me and my friend comp slips with a beautiful picture of the Scarlet Pimpernel on them. The shop is absolutely rammed and even has a Whizzer & Chips annual in the window. This …

david bell ringer, hastings - sitting in a sea shelter

For whom the bell tolls

On a moody day in Hastings, David was sitting in a seafront shelter watching the waves. He is bell ringer at the local church. Discussing his past, he said he’s rung bells in Battersea and Putney and used to live in Shepherd’s Bush. Bell ringing is a surprisingly social activity.

bexhill on sea shelter

Gimme Shelter

Seafront shelter in Bexhill-on-Sea.  Not the controversial new one (more on that later), not the listed Victorian one. The other one.

hastings old town butcher bike race

Village Bicycle, Baby

Crown Lane is a rather declivitous, or perhaps inclivitous passage in Hastings Old Town. Each year they have a bicycle race on it. A butcher’s bicycle. It is an old boneshaker of the kind Arkwright had in Open All Hours. The thing weighs twice as much as the Forth Bridge. The …

Girl freewheeling on a chopper on the coastal path to Bexhill

Bike to Bexhill

She said, “You must do the ride to Bexhill; Giant Sea Cabbages, Colossal Daisies. Kingdom of Beach Huts and Overgrown Cliffs.” It was an intriguing introduction. The ride does not disappoint. It is perfectly magical. You come off the normal path onto dusty gravel, which then turns into a kind …

cuckoo trail with Francesca and Cliff

Cuckoo Trail

24 miles on the Cuckoo Trail. “Aren’t you worried about going in the woods with someone you just met?” “Oh”, she says, “We’re meeting my friend, who is a champion shooter”. #plottwist

Mutant fancy dress in pram race, Hastings

Pram Race

Hastings pram race. This is the neighbours. They were off to the pram race in a taxi. Oh, I’m going too! I said, hint, hint share the taxi. Hint not taken and off they went. I cycled the beautiful ride along the seafront. The wind at my back and pelting …

Francesca fixing warped planks on Hastings pier


Meet Francesca. She makes piers. The screws in the deck that she is fixing have a square drive head. Francesca says they should be star drive so the deck looks like it is covered in stars.  

Hastings pier bench


The newly rebuilt and reopened Hastings Pier. Some of the fixtures are reclaimed from the old pier and cleverly, and beautifully integrated into the new design. The new pier (more photos to follow) is expansive and at the moment, looks a bit empty compared to Palace Pier in Brighton or …

Jack Apps

Jack Apps

On the promenade of St Leonards, sat sheltered from the gale force winds was this man. A couple of brave dog walkers, leaning into the wind with anoraks done up under their noses and dogs on leads practically flying like kites. They say “Hello Jack!” and he amiably waves back. …