Ice Cream Man

Di Paolo’s Award-Winning ice cream served up by William the Cone-queror, St Leonards seafront. Where’s Will? Admittedly a little sporadic, but there’s a site and app to find him on the seafront. Also shows current ice cream flavours! You can also look out for that distinctive umbrella, visible from miles …

man flying kite burgess park london summer 2016

White Kite

It’s 33C in London today. This guy has the right idea. Kite flying in the park with a 350 meter fishing line. He’s using the park information board for shade. Totally got this thing worked out. Top marks for doing summer properly.

Sun bathing London style on the circular lawn near Tate Modern

Summer sunbathing, London style

Sunbathing, London style on the tiny patch of grass in Millbank by Tate Modern. 21C today, which in UK terms is scorching.

The last puddle on the South Bank - puddle reflection

The last puddle on the South Bank

It’s officially summer in London. Amazing clouds and beaming sunlight. Londoners and tourists alike share the experience. The last puddle on the South Bank fizzles into oblivion… I rarely tire of London photos – even the clichéd ones, but it is satisfying to come up with something a little different.