Eileen Musdile at sunset

Eilean Musdile

There’s a few lovely little nuggets related to this picture and area. The Lismore lighthouse itself was built by Robert Stevenson (Grandfather to Robert Louis Stevenson) in 1833. The lighthouse island is called Eilean Musdile. It’s actually two islands and there is a handsome bridge joining them. The bridge has …

Rainy day, Glasgow May 2016

Waiting for a bus, Glasgow

Woman waiting for a bus, Glasgow May 2016. To be fair, this is not typical. The weather has been stupendous, hot, sunny, really nice. This was a a heavy shower, but it didn’t last long. They say of Scottish weather, if you don’t like it, don’t worry, it’ll change in …

Grafton Place

High rise – done right. Something to be said for Glasgow and that is that there is generally a sensitivity and respect for the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian grandiose civic buildings and churches that dominate the city. Much of the more modern architecture is extremely complimentary to the older buildings …

Homemade football at Norfolk Court, Gorbals, Glasgow

Norfolk Court, Gorbals, Glasgow

Norfolk Court, Glasgow is due to be demolished and the final ‘safe’ day near the building is this week. The Gorbals is/was a notorious area of Glasgow. During the industrial revolution, many people came to the area from the Scottish Highlands, Ireland and also Italy. The industrial era area became …

Man with a moustache, North Berwick

Man with a moustache and a mission

On the way back to Edinburgh from North Berwick, I spotted this chap. He was dumping a sofa, and hence the roof down on the car. We saw him later pootling at a rather breakneck speed and waving to us as we left town.

Bass Rock

Bass Rock

The man in the chip shop asked me if I was an artist. I said I was. He shook my hand and gave me a pickled onion.