The only thing keeping Kiki’s bum from catching fire is the oven glove she’s propped on, on top of the Aga! She’s definitely found the warmest spot in the room.

beach huts hastings pier

Prints for sale

Now selling C41 and giclée prints. You can see them here. The beach hut images are C41 photographic prints on metallic paper.

beach huts hastings pier

Angle of Entry

Hastings Pier beach huts. Newly painted from sombre black (which I liked, although I appear to be the only person to do so). Angle of Entry is the name of a Mutton Birds album. I never looked up what they were referring too, but I’ve always assumed it was spaceships …

philip skip

Skip Phil

On a glorious spring day in the parallel universe of quiet downtown (but very much up the hills) suburbs of West Norwood, Philip is on a skip. Today we’ve marvelled at the build quality of a hot riveted water butt, discussed the etymology of pebble dash and quoted our favourite John …

Philip Crown Fine Art


Meet Philip. He sells Fine Art replicas via Direct Mail. You can buy it, you can try it and even if you don’t like it, can get your money back after twelve months. Photographed in The Bell, Reigate after two quadruple whiskeys and a burger and chips.

Guy Haddon Grant, artist


Guy Haddon Grant, sculptor. Working in a chilly South London studio.