philip skip

Skip Phil

On a glorious spring day in the parallel universe of quiet downtown (but very much up the hills) suburbs of West Norwood, Philip is on a skip. Today we’ve marvelled at the build quality of a hot riveted water butt, discussed the etymology of pebble dash and quoted our favourite John …

Philip Crown Fine Art


Meet Philip. He sells Fine Art replicas via Direct Mail. You can buy it, you can try it and even if you don’t like it, can get your money back after twelve months. Photographed in The Bell, Reigate after two quadruple whiskeys and a burger and chips.

Aigburth Road

Aigburth Road

Straight off the train at Lime Street and up Bold Street, an affable, drunk, homeless guy comes up: “Hey! You look like a cross between Crocodile Dundee and John Wayne”. The next day I’m taking pictures on Aigburth Road. Despite town having been tarted up for City of Culture 2008, …

Last Chance by Nathan Jones Photography

I gave my last chance to you

The king of the night lays upon his king-size bed, Upon which, by day, the busker plays his predictable tune, A dreary ditty from the 70s, To which only the young sing enthusiastic. The man sleeps, as the night creeps The clatter of heels, tripping, laughter and falling, and in …

Man and pipe

Over the edge

Looking to do a dapper photo shoot? Get in touch! Portraits, bands, studio, fashion and location shoots. Latest: Stripes and Bright

Man with a moustache, North Berwick

Man with a moustache and a mission

On the way back to Edinburgh from North Berwick, I spotted this chap. He was dumping a sofa, and hence the roof down on the car. We saw him later pootling at a rather breakneck speed and waving to us as we left town.