Might windy on the pier today.

Philip Crown Fine Art


Meet Philip. He sells Fine Art replicas via Direct Mail. You can buy it, you can try it and even if you don’t like it, can get your money back after twelve months. Photographed in The Bell, Reigate after two quadruple whiskeys and a burger and chips.

Katharine Arnold, La Soirée NYE, Leicester Square 2016


Nice to see my photograph of Katharine Arnold on the La Soirée page today 🙂 Taken at the stupendous New Year’s Eve party in the Speigel Tent in Leicester Square. This is the most unusual pose I shot that night, but in some ways the most evocative of Katharine’s amazing …

Joker Photograph © Nathan Jones

Joker Smoker

Back from a hiatus in far flung places. Joker is barking La Soirée in Leicester Square. He’s also causing mischief with close up magic, perplexing his audience with deft hand movements. Things don’t disappear as you think they are…

Tania B&W at Battersea Park waterfall

She’s a waterfall

Shoot in Battersea Park on the waterfall. Link for full set below. Mostly shot around the James Pulham (II and III) designed cascades. This meant a climb over the railings–no mean feat in a tailored dress. Also, there was a tramp up there, speaking in tongues and trying to charm …

Tom Chant on Webbs Road c1990

Tom, Tom, the barber’s son

Battersea c1990 Tom Chant, around the time he started music school, from memory. Already brilliant on piano and just beginning to get into saxophone. Later to feature in Half Baked Quartet, Eddie Prevost Trio, Cinematic Orchestra, and my personal favourite, the Marseille Figs. We were really into this record around …