living brain at Brian's Diner 1995

Living Brain at Brian’s Diner

Living brain’s first ever gig at Brian’s Diner Just found some old ‘analogue’ photos from the first ever living brain gig at Brian’s Diner. This is when the band was a two piece with Ged Lynn and Lars Gabel. We drank as much tea as The Rutles at their peak …

Svelte silver haired chap with red and black outfit and umbrella


What I want to know is does he match his shirt and blazer to the umbrella, or does he have an umbrella for every shirt combo?

The Dead Queen of Bohemia

The Dead Queen of Bohemia

The Dead Queen of Bohemia is an anthology of poems – a life’s work by Jenni Fagan (The Panopticon, Sunlight Pilgrims). This photo set features people enjoying the book. The Dead Queen of Bohemia

Café Tabac, David Lynch Twin Peaks look

Café Tabac

Café Tabac, Bold Street, Liverpool. Anyone knowing this address is likely to turn a little smile. This café is a hinge on which the world turns. I have drunk more coffee in here than probably all other cafés in the world put together. I have had first dates in here, …

Marwood Café

This is my new favourite café! It’s basically a grown ups fantasy child home; Star Wars spaceships dive and swoop above the counter. Sharks emerge from the wall chewing up Starbucks cups as they go. Even the front door shakes your hand as you leave. The coffee is excellent. The …