Tiff McGinnis Grand Dame Electric Crazyland

Electric Crazyland

Tiff McGinnis opens her Grande Dame show, Electric Crazyland at the St Leonards’s bar tonight. Check the links for her artwork, I’m not going to describe it, go see for yourself, it’s really great. She speaks in a low Georgia drawl, with a purr like an idling V8, and tells …

Guy Haddon Grant, artist


Guy Haddon Grant, sculptor. Working in a chilly South London studio.

Rosanna Dean, Artist

Rosanna Dean

Artist Rosanna Dean paints motifs that are at once meditative and yet sometimes terrifying orgiastic scenes. Bundles of bodies intertwine and merge, faceless and yet comforting, familiar and recognisable as fragments of our own psyche and memory. Some of the larger pieces use a kaleidoscopic mandala format, shock forcing a …

Queenie Clarke at Vanguard Court Studios


Artist Queenie Clarke, winner of Vanguard Prize Studio Award 2015, working overtime on her upcoming show Flow, at Vanguard Court Studios 5–30 September 2016. Find out more here: http://www.queenieclarke.com