Hove seafront


It’s funny how fin de siècle (20th Century), analogue was dying, becoming more noble. Vinyl records shops were shutting down like dying flowers and film was starting to be superseded by slightly crappy digital cameras. I was running one of the first digital bureau, avidly converting analogue film and slides to CD. Scanning to make digitally magic giant-sized posters, T-shirts, mousemat and mugs. The better cameras were all really expensive, in the £2,000+ mark and still not really a patch on a £100 manual 35mm. A medium format film could sh*t on anything digital available at this time. I was lucky …

Chicago O'Hare Airport

Chicago O’Hare

Chicago O’Hare Airport (the largest airport in the world) on a red eye stopover from Auckland to Heathrow. Bought a bagel and a coffee in the airport on a credit card as I had no US dollars. By the time I hit London, I’d been defrauded by someone in the bagel stand for $800. They’d bought a couple of mobile phones and a LOT of flowers. Romantic. Shot on a Minolta X700 on Ilford HP5 and hand processed. 2001/2

Woman-on-railway-bridge-battersea with little fluffy clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds

A beautiful bright August day with little fluffy clouds overhead. This is taken on the Culvert Road railway footbridge in Battersea. The lens is a fisheye extender over a 24mm Tokina lens. If my maths is correct, it takes it down to about 15mm. I was using an 8mm prime not long after. Photos to follow (obviously this post is written in the future and posted in the past).

Tom Chant on Webbs Road c1990

Tom, Tom, the barber’s son

Battersea c1990 Tom Chant, around the time he started music school, from memory. Already brilliant on piano and just beginning to get into saxophone. Later to feature in Half Baked Quartet, Eddie Prevost Trio, Cinematic Orchestra, and my personal favourite, the Marseille Figs. We were really into this record around that time.

Steve Cragg

The Cragg

Steve Cragg RIP. Liverpool Legend. B: 1970 D: 2015 I can’t remember his exact birthday now. It was not long before or after Jimi Hendrix died. A fact Cragg never assumed was coincidental. We met on the steps of the bombed out church at the top of Bold Street about Summer 1988. He was with a girl and we shared a spliff. We hung out of the next two days solidly, going to clubs, pubs, parties and bars. No idea what happened to the girl. I think she went home. At the time, Cragg lived in the Hot Pot Café in …